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Turismo Médico

Postado em 18 Março 2016 na Destaques

Considering going abroad for Dental Care?!

Why not joining your Dentist appointment with a visit to Beautiful Lisbon?!
It has been a few years now since the first international patients started coming to Dental One. Why?!

Aesthetics Dental Care, being Dental Implants the main reason.

Clinic Dental One offers Medical Tourism Packs.
Having Dental Implants done is an expensive decision. Searching for a more economic way of treatment is the only reason why patients leave their usual Dentist and decide to go abroad for a quality treatment at a lower budget.
This experience with international patients started a few years ago, while travelling, when a group of friends enquired me about the possibility of their relatives going to Lisbon-Portugal for treatment.

Is it worth to go to Lisbon?!
From previous satisfied patients spreading the word to friends and family to patients who found us through the web and decided to contact us, a larger number of people have been using our services.

The experience has been so surprisingly positive, that many patients requested help with regards to accommodation in Lisbon and site seeing. For many patients Lisbon was a novelty in their travelling destinations.

For that reason we decided to launch a group of packages that would suit the needs of our patients.

Accommodation prices vary according to the season.

Please ask us on your contact as you will need to tell us more information in order for us to budget it for you.

Dental One is a practice operating in Lisbon city centre, since 1974, when Dr. Fernando Martins Cardoso first opened the Clinic with his name. In 2001 I joined his practice and the successful story of retiring master passing his legacy over to his young apprentice became a reality!

I hope to hear from you in the near future!

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